March 28 - April 3
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Georgian Arts and Culture Center (GACC)

Georgian Arts and Culture Center (GACC) is NGO founded 1995. Center is GACC is an official representation of Europa Nostra in Georgia; member of WCC Crafts council; advisory NGO accredited to UNESCO ICH convention.

GACC mission is safeguarding, promotion and sustainable use of Georgian Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage; Supporting development of cultural industries in Georgia, creative experiential tourism among them; Cultural Industries & Heritage Crafts Development is GACC’s one of the core programmes. Its primary focus is safeguarding and development of Heritage Crafts, as an integral part of Georgian Intangible Cultural Heritage. The programme is dedicated to the development of crafts sector in Georgia, preservation of heritage crafts traditions, ensure their transmission from generation to generation. To ensure sustainable development of craft sector in Georgia Center conducts studies in the field of crafts, works for the development of institutional structure of Crafts sector, contributes to the building capacity of crafts actors. GACC is actively working in the field of informal education of adults in the heritage and craft sector.

Contact Information:
Address: 7, Niko Nikoladze st. Tbilisi 0108. Georgia
Contact person: Lika Imerlishvili
Phone: +995 555455843

Georgian Heritage Crafts Association

Georgian Heritage Crafts Association has been founded in 2015 (NGO) as a membership organization, which acts to safeguard Georgian heritage crafts traditions and works towards a sustainable framework for sector’s development in the future. GHCA aims to overcome the existing challenges through the creation of a networking platform for individuals, craftspeople, organizations and guilds, which care about the loss of traditional crafts skills.

Association Aims are: Coordination and enhancing of networking opportunities between different craft actors; Enhancing sector’s economic potential and raising the competitiveness of Georgian Crafts products; Promotion and raising the status of heritage craft skills with the wider public; Acting towards the creation of enabling environment and communicating the vital importance of the heritage crafts to government; supporting the inclusion of young generation in craft-related education to ensure that the highest standards of heritage skills are passed from one generation to the next; Surveying and analyses of craft sector including academic and applied scientific studies targeting different issues related to the field of crafts;

Contact Information:
Address: 9, Ak. Khorava str. Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia
Contact Person: Ana Shanshiashvili
Phone: +995 593 663821